Vehicle Tracking

“Tailor made to suit your fleet requirements”
Our Fleet Tracking management system is advanced with competencies that allow you to have total control over the usage of your fleet/assets.

Our systems provides fleet managers around the world with immediate and secure access to information about their fleet/ assets and drivers. An extensive security model and sophisticated back-end service platform ensures the right information is delivered to the right people. This is done in real time online via a web browser or to your inbox in the form of scheduled reports or exception e-mails. Access for users is not limited to desktop/PC, our mobile application puts the control in the palm of your hands and it is easily downloadable with access limited only to authorized users. All our packages are tailor made to suit the client’s needs and scope and we products which are VESA tested and approved. We have integrated all packages with a full Customer Support 24/7.

Vehicle Monitoring

“Real time vehicle monitoring to ensure peace of mind”
We have a wide selection of packages which allow you to tailor make exceptions in daily monitoring. All our packages are ideal for business or personal applications.

Our vehicle monitoring solution enables fleet and logistics managers to secure, monitor and deploy their fleets across Southern Africa. Our state of the art 24 hour Fleet Intelligence Contact Centre monitors our customers’ fleets from live screens that show up to date information on their vehicles or assets. The centre uses cutting edge technology to monitor our customers’ vehicles 24/7 throughout the year. Authorized personnel are contacted when we pick up any exception or alarming activity.

Fleet managers can access live tracking information through customised and easy to understand dashboards. The dashboards are designed to empower our customers to make operational decisions in real time.

The system enables customers to know the location, date, time, speed, direction and status information of their vehicles at all times. Our telematics team works closely with customers to ensure the efficient management their fleets.

Accident Analysis & Reconstruction

“Get full analysis of an accident”
Our system allows accident reconstruction from the analysing of detailed trip reports and integrating information from other reports offering relevant information.

Efficient management of fleet management risks including vehicle accidents is fundamental to operating your fleet cost effectively. It is impossible to operate vehicles without accidents. Successful fleet and logistics managers use accident management technologies to assist them in understanding the causes of accidents in their fleets.

FleetAfrica’s accident management system is designed to support fleet managers as they seek to minimise their operational risks. The system shows if there was harsh braking, acceleration, excessive speed and vehicle position at the time of the accident. It clearly shows vehicle performance patterns prior to and post the accident. It also shows if there was any traffic violations on the route used prior to the accident.

Our accident management system provides an accurate and progressive record of location and time of accident. This is very important in assisting customers to lodge successful insurance claims.

Fleet Intelligence Contact Centre

“Dial us on a toll free line for fleet Inquiry”
Our 24 hour fleet intelligent contact centre offer support 365 days a year with a team of tracking experts ready to answer to your call or contact you for any abnormalities with your fleet.

FleetAfrica operates a 24 hour Fleet Intelligence Contact Centre which specialises in vehicle recovery and monitoring. The centre provides high security response for stolen and hijacked vehicles. A signal is transmitted to the fleet intelligence contact centre with when the vehicle’s alarm is set off. A team of highly trained monitoring agents immediately is ready to dispatch assistance to our clients for any emergency and eventuality.

Each vehicle is monitored in real time across South Africa and neighbouring countries. Each agent is allocated a number of vehicles that they follow on the live screen throughout the day.

The contact centre is able to remotely immobilize vehicles with continuous contact kept with fleet manager in all situations ensuring that we take action. Our service is complimented by excellent recovery and monitoring software backed by ground and air recovery teams that not only have the hands-on approach. Our recovery team has extensive experience in vehicle recovery. The centre is meant by agents with over forty two year experience in vehicle recoveries.

Vehicle Tracking Reports

“Our reporting is flexible and simple to understand”
The reports can be schedule to an emailed at fixed intervals with Exceptions in reporting highlighted and sent to you with details.

FleetAfrica’s vehicle tracking unit enables our customers to access the extensive insight reporting suite which provides them with real-time reports. The unit is capable of tracking vehicles in real-time, replaying of routes, managing critical events, and scheduling service reminders. It also enables fleet managers to communicate with drivers and determine the current activity status of each deployed vehicle.

Over and above the real-time Web Access to fleet management and vehicle information, our telematics units report on their health and status at predetermined intervals. This information is sent directly to Fleet Managers on via SMS on a daily basis.

The reports can be used to analyse vehicle performance, driver behaviour, route efficacy, etc. The reports also enable customers to understand their fleet utilisation patterns over any period of time. These reports are customised to clients’ scope and fleet needs. Our key account managers review the reports with customers on a monthly.

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