MotoCure Vehicle Health Specialists offers customers customised service and maintenance plans that are value for money, coupled with expert customer service and backed by innovative systems that use the latest technology and industry data to create an excellent product offering.

Our Promise

First Time Right

Integrated systems that work together to get the job right the first time.


All parties are aware of the product offering, benefits and claim processes.


Use all resources available to negotiate prices that will contribute to an overall cost effective product, without compromising on quality and service.


We understand the value of your safety and your asset, and have over 30 years of expertise in vehicle care. You and your vehicle are covered by capable hands.

MotoCure Vehicle Plans

Maintenance Plans

MotoCure Maintenance Plans keeps your vehicle in good health and roadworthy, by making sure that wear and tear items that need to be replaced are done timeously, using approved OEM parts. Vehicles suffer wear and tear as you drive and over time, replacing parts can be costly if they are not properly planned for. Extend the life of your car and have the assurance that you are covered.

Service Plans

MotoCure Service Plans keeps your vehicle in good health and roadworthy, by making sure that your vehicle is covered for OEM recommended services using approved OEM parts. Regular servicing assists in identifying potential problems, before they occur and increases the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Customer Benefits

  • Includes all OEM required services
  • Qualified Technicians
  • Approved OEM Parts
  • Efficient Claims Process
  • Once-off Payment
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