Maintenance Call Centre

Expert vehicle maintenance management process.
We have a team of vehicle maintenance and repairs experts who ensure that our customers get value for money when their vehicles go for maintenance.

FleetAfrica’s has a professional Maintenance Call Centre which responsible for ensuring that our clients are quoted for the right job and pay the right price when their vehicles go for repairs and/or maintenance. The team has over 80 years combined vehicle maintenance experience. Our Maintenance Call Centre agents understand the ins and outs of vehicle maintenance including parts rates, labour rates and the methodologies that workshops use in pricing for these.

Most of our customers have seen a tremendous saving in their fleet costs due to the value that our Maintenance Call Centre has brought into their operations.

The team has managed maintenance invoices for over 300 000 vehicles in the past 30 years. It is this experience that gives confidence to our customers.

This is part of the Full Maintenance Lease, Operating Lease, Managed Maintenance Lease and can also be taken as a stand-alone product.

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