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Fleet outsourcing makes sound business sense

FleetAfrica always aims to deliver the best possible outsourced solution for the specific requirements of organisations and has expertise in both the public sector (national, provincial, municipal or local), and private sector (corporations and SMMEs). Partnering with FleetAfrica for your fleet management not only yields direct cost and risk reductions, but delivers sustainable long-term savings to your bottom line.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Lower Operating Costs
Increased fleet utilisation reduces operating costs through our close relationships with industry suppliers to realise economies of scale and clinch better deals on vehicles, fuel, parts and labour. FleetAfrica carries all parts and inventory costs, so you don’t pay for fleet warehousing and logistics.
Cost Aggregation
Multiple invoices that waste time and energy can cause budget inefficiencies. With FleetAfrica, you can consolidate all your operating costs into a single monthly invoice.
Fleet Expertise
We ensure that you always get value for money; from paying competitive prices on parts, to choosing new vehicles with the lowest cost of ownership.
Increased Productivity
Parts availability, quicker turnaround times and improved reliability protect your cash flow while making your drivers and vehicles more productive.
Maintenance Scheduling
Regular services help in avoiding unnecessary costs on major repairs further down the line. FleetAfrica can eliminate the need for spare vehicles and extend the lifecycles of your fleet vehicles.
With world-class intellectual property built into our solutions, we offer 24/7 access to critical operating information via any digital connectivity platform. This information can include total operating, maintenance and repair costs, vehicle utilisation, driver conduct, downtime and repair turnaround times - all displayed via our user-friendly online dashboard.
Call Centre
Enjoy 24/7 access to our world-class call centre for all your fleet-related queries, requests and roadside assistance requirements.
Administration Service Centre
Let us handle all administrative processes and approval procedures for repairs, services and fleet operations. Customised technology and experienced management offer best practice efficiencies.
Retain high-level control of your fleet while leaving day-to-day operations to us.
Our fleet metrics system enables benchmarking of user behaviour in support of educating your drivers for improved efficiencies.
Lowering the risk
Outsourcing your fleet operations and fleet management mitigates risk while improving your efficiencies, affording you operational peace of mind.
Our consultants can build flexibility and agility into a scalable solution that is customised to your business, enabling your fleet to shrink and grow according to your evolving business needs.

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