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Environmental Policies

In order to realise our vision of becoming a leading fleet management company throughout South Africa, FleetAfrica has incorporated the following principals into our broader strategic focus, which are to:

  • focus on where FleetAfrica can improve on the impact of our businesses on the environment;
  • be a good corporate citizen in all locations throughout South Africa in which we operate; and
  • ensure that effective corporate governance is maintained at all times

It is upon these foundational principles that FleetAfrica’s commitments to responsible environmental stewardship are based. As such, FleetAfrica is dedicated to implementing proactive interventions and management practices that find the balance between resource consumption and resource conservation so as to ensure a sustainable future for the organisation, and to play our part in addressing local and global sustainability challenges.

In line with this vision we are committed to business practices that foster sustainable environmental, social and economic development. As both a good corporate citizen and trusted fleet management company, we hold ourselves accountable against these principles.

As a means to achieve this we resolve that FleetAfrica shall implement and maintain management interventions which shall govern the environmental practices of the company over which we have operational control. The scope of these interventions shall be broadened over time to encompass activities outside of our scope of control, into that which we can influence, both within and external to, FleetAfrica’s chains of supply.


We believe that FleetAfrica has a responsibility to lead by example in ensuring that the operations that fall under the organisation’s control are managed in compliance with all legislation, as well as best practice principles and other identified norms and standards adopted by our business. We are thus fully committed to the continual improvement of our organisation’s own environmental management practices and performance.


The scope of this environmental policy covers the day-to-day business operations conducted at our owned and leased properties across South Africa. Business operations include all management, office support and logistics activities that take place at, or that are operated from, our offices.

FleetAfrica’s organisational boundary which is bound by this policy is based on financial control, where we are able to direct our financial and operating policies to gain economic benefits from its activities.


As part of FleetAfrica’s management agenda, the Organisation aims to:

a. Identify and manage the significant environmental aspects and associated impacts under the Organisation’s operational scope that pose significant environmental risk;

b. Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effective management of our significant aspects;

c. Set targets to improve our environmental management performance once our baseline KPI measurements have been determined;

d. Involve and empower our staff and stakeholders to honour our environmental commitments;

e. Focus on the effective management of our natural resource use, primarily energy and water;

f. Commit to the prevention of pollution through effective waste, emission and effluent minimisation practices;

g. Commit to the prevention of pollution through responsible waste disposal practices;

h. Engage with all stakeholders and to have a positive impact on local communities through Corporate Social Investment initiatives and supply chain upliftment practices.


Our policy is reviewed on an annual basis to reflect changing environmental or operational conditions, and is communicated to all persons working for, or on behalf, of FleetAfrica. Our publically available policy statement is documented, implemented and maintained on an annual basis by FleetAfrica’s top management.

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