Fuel Management

Manage your fuel budget effectively.
FleetAfrica has a team of fuel management experts that assist our clients to manage their fuel budget effectively and support them in preventing fuel theft and abuse.

FleetAfrica has an advanced world class fuel management system that allows customer to monitor their fuel usage per vehicle on an ongoing basis. The system has the ability to monitor vehicle “Off-Line” GPS & fuel monitoring, vehicle GPS-GSM/GPRS & fuel monitoring, road fuel tanker GPS-GSM/GPRS monitoring fuel level sensors, fuel storage GSM/GPRS monitoring, refuelling station GSM/GPRS monitoring and diesel generator monitoring.

There are many ways to steal diesel, our system has the capability to monitor diverse ways that criminal elements in our clients’ operations use to siphon fuel from vehicles, fuel tankers, fuel storage facilities, generators, etc.

The system calculates each vehicles’ fuel consumption based on the litres added and the mileage travelled. This assists is highlighting any irregularities in the usage of fuel. Our system generates fuel reports for our clients on a regular basis. These give our clients the ability to accurately monitor when and where fuel theft took place.

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