Using technology to service our customers.
In our effort of meeting our customer requirements and giving them world class service, FleetAfrica launched its cloud based mobile app in the last quarter of 2016.

FleetSwipe is our mobile app that enables our customers to log breakdowns, roadside and emergency assist call through our Customer Call Centre. The system is fully integrated to our customer support infrastructure and it sends out the messages to all relevant stakeholders across our value chain in real time. The app is compatible to all smartphones and is available on Google Playstore and ITunes.

This app has revolutionised the way that we interact with our customers. It has simplified the way our customers interact with our operations and technical team. It also enables fleet and logistics managers to manage their fleet at a high level on the palm of their hands where they may be.

This tool also allows our customers to lodge their complaints and to rate our customer service in real time. The complaints and surveys are forwarded to the responsible executives in real-time. This has brought a sense of accountability in dealing with customer issues across the organisation.

FA Online

Fully customisable reporting tool.
FA Online is designed to support our customers to manage their fleets and risks that are related to their operations in real-time and in a proactive manner.

The FA Online portal gives FleetAfrica’s clients access to real time customised reports for their fleet. The cloud based system can be accessed from any location anywhere in the world. The system produces tailored dashboards and reports for our clients that are designed around clients’ service level agreements.

The system produces daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports that drill into every detail relating to our clients’ fleet performance and expenditure. The reports are designed to empower our clients with a decision making tool that will enable them to run their fleets more effectively. Fleet and logistics maangers can use the reports to keep their organisation’s abreast about FleetAfrica’s performance.

FA Online consolidates data from the different tools and systems that are deployed in managing our customers’ vehicles. The system has the capacity to analyse all the data that we produce on behalf of our clients to enable them to take informed decisions about their fleets timeously.


Using technology for vehicle inspections.
FleetAfrica introduced FLEETINSPECT in its operations and technical environment to improve the quality of its vehicle audits and inspections across all customer groups.

FLEETINSPECT is an in-house fleet inspection telecommunication tool that our operations and technical team uses to conduct regular audits of our customers’ vehicles. Our technical team migrated from the manual system to this cloud based system in early 2016.

The system has improved the accuracy of our technical reports. Our clients have full access to these technical reports in real-time. The system has enabled our team of Technical Advisors and Field Vehicle Auditors to quadruple their productivity in the past year.

Our technical team uses FLEETINSPECT to keep our customers informed about the technical and aesthetic state of the vehicles. This tool is also used to inspect and rate the different service and repair workshops that are responsible for maintaining our customers’ vehicles. The system rates each workshop in line with predetermined requirements. This process ensures that each workshop that is accredited to work on our customers’ vehicles, is rigorously vetted before being enlisted on FleetAfrica’ vehicle maintenance vendor list.

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