Long & Short Term Vehicle Rentals

Enjoy a rental unit at competitive rates.
Our long and short term rental product is directed at the final consumer and is the suitable for individuals who wants a cost effective way of owning a vehicle.

Our long and short term rental products will enable you to enjoy the use of well-maintained vehicles at a competitive rate. We have over 500 sedans, hatchbacks, bakkies, passenger vehicles and luxury vehicles in our fleet. Our short term rental options include daily, weekly and monthly rentals.

A customer pays a fixed amount over the contract period which enables them to budget properly over the rental period. Our short term rentals come with a minimal deposit requirement. Customers enjoy free 150 kilometres a day and very low excess kilometre charges.

Our long term rental product has a no upfront deposit deal and range from 12-36 months. The product includes maintenance, services, roadside assist, tracking and insurance. FleetAfrica takes all the ownership risks of the rented vehicle. Customers can choose between 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000 kilometres per month options. Customers can also opt to exclude some components from their rental including maintenance, service and roadside assist.

Maintenance Call Centre

FleetAfrica has expert vehicle maintenance management process.
We have a team of vehicle maintenance and repairs experts who ensure that our customers get value for money when their vehicles go for maintenance.

FleetAfrica’s has a professional Maintenance Call Centre which responsible for ensuring that our clients are quoted for the right job and pay the right price when their vehicles go for repairs and/or maintenance. The team has over 80 years combined vehicle maintenance experience. Our Maintenance Call Centre agents understand the ins and outs of vehicle maintenance including parts rates, labour rates and the methodologies that workshops use in pricing for these.

Most of our customers have seen a tremendous saving in their fleet costs due to the value that our Maintenance Call Centre has brought into their operations.

The team has managed maintenance invoices for over 300 000 vehicles in the past 30 years. It is this experience that gives confidence to our customers.

This is part of the Full Maintenance Lease, Operating Lease, Managed Maintenance Lease and can also be taken as a stand-alone product.

Full Maintenance Lease (FML)

We take the ownership risks. A Full Maintenance Lease is a comprehensive vehicle leasing solution at an agreed fixed rental for a predetermined distance over a period of time.

The Full Maintenance Lease affords our clients the benefit of transferring the risk of fleet ownership to FleetAfrica. This affords our clients the opportunity to focus on their core operations. The Full Maintenance Lease is supported by a world class infrastructure that operates 24/7 throughout the year. It is an all-inclusive, hassle free contractual agreement in which we manage the vehicle throughout its lifecycle. The asset belongs to FleetAfrica and we therefore take the ownership, maintenance and residual value risks.

The predictability of the rental fees affords our clients the opportunity to budget meticulously and to invest much needed capital in projects that lead to the growth of their businesses. This comprehensive fleet management solution guarantees our clients uninterrupted availability of the right vehicle, at the right time in the right condition. FleetAfrica is responsible for the specification, sourcing, procuring, reconfiguration, maintenance, servicing and management of the vehicle.

Operating Lease (OPL)

We own, you operate and maintain.
Under the Operating Lease FleetAfrica takes the ownership risks whilst the customer takes the utilisation and maintenance risks.

The Operating Lease is a hybrid leasing solution in which specifically selected vehicles are leased to the customer over a pre-determined distance and period. This product allows our client to manage the maintenance and residual value risks of the asset and to return it for replacement at the end of the rental period. The product is designed for customers who already have in-house fleet maintenance expertise. The client thus bears all the vehicle operational costs including repairs and services in line with Original Equipment Manufacturers’ standards.

The client is responsible for managing their vehicle availability and downtime. The predictability of the rental fees affords our clients the opportunity to budget meticulously and to invest much needed capital in projects that lead to the growth of their businesses. FleetAfrica takes back the fleet at the end of the contract period, so the client faces no disposal risk. The product is supported by FleetAfrica’s world class infrastructure and expertise.

Sale & Leaseback (SLB)

We unlock value tied up in your capital assets.
FleetAfrica purchases all the low kilometre vehicles from the client and leases these back to the client at an agreed distance over a period of time.

A Sale and Leaseback (SLB) solution affords clients the opportunity to transfer their current fleet to FleetAfrica at and a competitive price. The product allows the client to mitigate the risk of ownership and to transfer it into FleetAfrica’s books.

The client then continues to utilise the transferred vehicles for a fixed period that both parties agree upon. Sale and Leaseback allows clients to unlock the value that is tied up on their capital assets. This affords clients the opportunity to invest in expanding their operations and servicing their customers better.

The purchased vehicles are leased back to the customer on a Full Maintenance Lease or an Operating Lease. FleetAfrica then takes the downtime management and vehicle availability risk depending on the product that the client prefers. The predictability of the rental fees affords our clients the opportunity to budget meticulously and to invest much needed capital in projects that lead to the growth of their businesses.

Managed Maintenance (MM)

Get value for your money.
FleetAfrica takes the responsibility of managing the client’s maintenance process including parts and labour rates negotiation.

Managed Maintenance (MM) is a solution that is suitable for clients that already have their own fleet of vehicles. The product is designed to assist clients to get maximum value for their vehicle maintenance budget. FleetAfrica uses its world class infrastructure and vehicle maintenance expertise to assist Managed Maintenance clients to bring huge saving in operating their fleet.

This can be a standalone product or it can be bolted to the Operating Lease. This product is managed through our maintenance call centre which is manned by qualified mechanics who have no less than 5 years’ experience in the workshop environment. Our Maintenance Controllers understands how labour and parts are priced and they are able to negotiate discounts which we pass on to our clients.

This specialised product helps our clients to manage their vehicle maintenance budgets meticulously. Our Managed Maintenance clients are rest assured that they will pay for the right parts, at the right labour rate on every invoice that they get.

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