Fuel Management

Manage your fuel budget effectively.
FleetAfrica has a team of fuel management experts that assist our clients to manage their fuel budget effectively and support them in preventing fuel theft and abuse.

FleetAfrica has an advanced world class fuel management system that allows customer to monitor their fuel usage per vehicle on an ongoing basis. The system has the ability to monitor vehicle “Off-Line” GPS & fuel monitoring, vehicle GPS-GSM/GPRS & fuel monitoring, road fuel tanker GPS-GSM/GPRS monitoring fuel level sensors, fuel storage GSM/GPRS monitoring, refuelling station GSM/GPRS monitoring and diesel generator monitoring.

There are many ways to steal diesel, our system has the capability to monitor diverse ways that criminal elements in our clients’ operations use to siphon fuel from vehicles, fuel tankers, fuel storage facilities, generators, etc.

The system calculates each vehicles’ fuel consumption based on the litres added and the mileage travelled. This assists is highlighting any irregularities in the usage of fuel. Our system generates fuel reports for our clients on a regular basis. These give our clients the ability to accurately monitor when and where fuel theft took place.

Fines Management

Experience in dealing with fines administration.
FleetAfrica has a team of fines management experts who ensure that every fine is re-directed to the correct offender and that it is settled on time.

FleetAfrica runs a world class fines management system on behalf of its customers. The system is able to process and re-direct over 25 000 fines on a monthly basis on behalf of our clients.

Our fines management team has a combined forty five years’ experience in managing fines. We manage fines for all our clients including those with small centralised fleets and those with enormous fleets that are spread all over South Africa. Our team of experts has the skill and prowess to negotiate favourable settlements rates for all our customers. We have a rapport with the different traffic authorities across the different municipal jurisdictions throughout South Africa.

Our fines management system provides a frequent fines overview report on top offenders, outstanding fines, overdue fines, unpaid fines, fines that are paid, fines by region and/or account and the top 10 fines issuing authorities for our clients’ fleet

License Management

Customer vehicles licensed timeously every year.
We ensure that our customers’ vehicles are properly registered and assessed at the right intervals without compromising our customers’ operations.

FleetAfrica takes the responsibility of ensuring that all full maintenance lease customers vehicles receive proper first time licensing and subsequent licence renewals on time. Our team of vehicle licencing experts are committed to ensure that our customers’ vehicles comply with all the necessary legislation at all times.

Clients are notified on a regular basis of the expiry date of their vehicle licenses and licensing team ensures that the vehicle’s license is renewed timeously without disruptions to the client’s operations.

The licensing team’s responsibility is to ensure that each customer’s vehicles are licensed in line with the requirements of the different licensing authorities in the jurisdictions that they operate. The team has the capacity to manage over 5000 new license registrations and expiring licenses renewals on a monthly basis.

Our licensing department uses a state of the art system to keep our clients transport office abreast of their license renewal process.

Toll Management

Ensuring that e-tolls are settled.
FleetAfrica runs a fully-fledged toll management unit on behalf of its client. The unit is able to manage over 10 000 tolling invoices per month.

Our toll management team is responsible for the validation and querying of all toll charges charged against our clients’ vehicles. The team works with our clients and toll authorities to register vehicles, purchase and replacement of transponders and to ensure that all tolls are paid in full.

The team also assist our client to get maximum value from all discounts offered by the different tolling authorities across Southern Africa. The toll unit uses a world class system that disseminates online alerts based on client-defined criteria.

The main purpose of our toll management unit is to enable our clients to focus their core resources into building their business and getting maximum value on their investment. The team ensures that our clients’ toll accounts are properly managed and that there are no overdue accounts that may impact clients’ reputation or business with local, provincial and national government.

Vehicle Registration

Management of the registration process.
FleetAfrica has the capacity to manage over 15 000 vehicle registrations per month on behalf of its clients.

Our vehicle registrations team has over 75 years vehicle registration experience and has registered over 150 000 vehicles in the past 30 years.

The team has managed the registration of vehicles of different types, model, sizes, specifications, etc. in the past 30 years. These includes heavy commercial vehicles, mining vehicles, agricultural vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, security vehicles, municipality service delivery vehicles, motorcycles, trailers and many more.

One of the core strengths of our vehicle registrations team is their efficiency in registering specialised vehicles that are sourced both internationally and nationally. The team has registered a large number of specialised vehicles on behalf of blue chips, mining houses, municipalities, national departments, farmers and many other clients that use out of ordinary vehicles in their fleets.

The vehicle registrations team handles all transactions related to the registration or reregistration of vehicles on behalf of our leasing clients. The team is responsible for managing the vehicle files of each client.


Vehicle Disposal

We dispose all types of vehicles.
FleetAfrica’s vehicle disposal team has a combined 100 years of experience in the disposal of disused fleets on behalf of clients.

The team can dispose any type of vehicle from inoperable vehicles to those that are still in a good working condition. The team has handled large disposals for metropolitan municipalities, State Owned Companies, Blue Chip Companies National and Provincial departments and many more clients in different industries across the economy.

Our disposal team always ensures that our clients get value for money for their disposed vehicles. FleetAfrica only charges a minimal fee for this service. Our disposal team has disposed over a 100 000 vehicles over the past 30 years. The team is reputable for making sure that our clients always get a good deal with every vehicle that they dispose.

Our disposal unit works closely with customers to ensure total transparency in the disposal process. Every vehicle that is disposed on behalf of our clients is accounted for and the team ensures that the customer receives its settlement expeditiously.

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