Maintenance Call Centre

Expert vehicle maintenance management process.
We have a team of vehicle maintenance and repairs experts who ensure that our customers get value for money when their vehicles go for maintenance.

FleetAfrica’s has a professional Maintenance Call Centre which responsible for ensuring that our clients are quoted for the right job and pay the right price when their vehicles go for repairs and/or maintenance. The team has over 80 years combined vehicle maintenance experience. Our Maintenance Call Centre agents understand the ins and outs of vehicle maintenance including parts rates, labour rates and the methodologies that workshops use in pricing for these.

Most of our customers have seen a tremendous saving in their fleet costs due to the value that our Maintenance Call Centre has brought into their operations.

The team has managed maintenance invoices for over 300 000 vehicles in the past 30 years. It is this experience that gives confidence to our customers.

This is part of the Full Maintenance Lease, Operating Lease, Managed Maintenance Lease and can also be taken as a stand-alone product.

Accident Management

Expert management of every accident.
FleetAfrica operates a world class accident management unit for all of its full maintenance and operating lease clients.

The accident management team is responsible for assisting our clients with dispatching emergency medical care, accident scene management, towing services, arrangement of alternative transportation and/or accommodation where necessary. The team gives our clients a peace of mind and reassurance after their vehicles are involved in accidents.

They handle the entire accident management process from beginning to end. This includes assistance with lodging statements, insurance claims and towing the vehicle to authorised panel beaters. Our highly experienced accident management team has a combined experienced of over 75 years and has dealt with over 15 000 accidents in the past 30 years.

The team is also responsible for post-accident repairs management which includes: appointing an authorised panel beater, authorising repair work, ensuring that repairs are done timeously, ensuring that genuine parts are used in repairing the vehicle, ensuring that repairs are done in line with OEM standards and post-repair inspections.

Downtime Management

Minimal downtime of our customer vehicles.
FleetAfrica ensures that each of its clients operations are not adversely impacted by vehicles that go in for repairs, service and any other work.

FleetAfrica has an in-house activity management system that monitors vehicle downtime of all vehicles across our contracts. The system manages every leased vehicle and ensures that we achieve no less than 95% availability per vehicle for the contract period. The downtime management team has over 50 years combined experience and has managed over 350 000 vehicles in the past 30 years.

Our downtime management system assists us to monitor vehicle availability and ensures reduced downtime as a result of service, maintenance and repairs on behalf of clients. Every vehicle that goes in for repairs, maintenance and service is meticulously managed through this world class system.

The allowed downtime parameters are set per contract and managed on a per vehicle basis. Our clients receive downtime reports detailing all maintenance activities on a regular basis. The reports focus on monthly vehicle availability and downtime against our clients’ SLAs.

Key Accounts Management

World class customer management and support.
Each client is allocated a Contract Manager and a Key Account Manager to ensure that they get maximum return and value for their investment.

FleetAfrica has a team of experienced Contracts Managers and Key Account Managers that are responsible for the interface between FleetAfrica and its clients. The key accounts team is the internal advocate of the client within the FleetAfrica value chain. The team ensures that both parties adhere to the agreed Service Level Agreement.

Some key accounts executives are based in the client’s environment and offer continuous fleet management support and advice. The team has a combined experienced of over 120 years and have managed over 1500 clients over the past 30 years. Each Contract Manager has managed and average of 25 medium and large contracts

Our contracts management team is responsible for meeting with our clients for a monthly status meeting to update them on the performance of their fleet. These recorded meetings are held with our clients’ transport officers and key fleet decision makers. This value - add comes standard with the Full Maintenance Lease, Operating Lease and Managed Maintenance products

24Hour Customer Support Centre

Ensuring around the clock customer support.
FleetAfrica’s professional Call Centre is responsible for providing 24/7 - 365 roadside assistance for our clients.

The unit is manned by a team of roadside assist experts with over 80 years combined fleet management experience. The unit has the capacity to manage over 1000 000 vehicles at a time and can handle over 3000 calls per day. The roadside assist team is responsible for providing our clients all roadside assistance emergencies and breakdowns.

The unit provides clients with services such as breakdown and roadside assistance, insurance claims, general maintenance, towing services, emergency, repairs and service scheduling. The unit is supported by over 10 000 roadside, emergency and towing services suppliers across Southern Africa. Our world class system enables us to provide support our clients wherever they may be across the region expeditiously.

This unit is part of the Full Maintenance Lease, Operating Lease, Managed Maintenance Lease and can also be taken as a stand-alone product. The unit has managed over 350 000 vehicles in the past 30 years.

Insurance Management

Assisting customers with insurance claims.
Our team of insurance experts assist our full maintenance and operating lease clients in negotiating the best insurance deal and in managing insurance claims.

FleetAfrica has the capacity to provide both comprehensive and self-insurance options for its clients. Our clients have the option of insuring their vehicles through our insurance infrastructure. We ensure that our clients get the right insurance for their vehicles and that they don’t under or over insure their valuable assets.

We have managed to build strategic relationships with most of the top vehicle insurance companies across the African continent in the past 30 years. Our fleet management experience gives us an added advantage when negotiating insurance cover on behalf of our clients.

FleetAfrica also assists its clients in managing their insurance claims when their vehicles are involved in accidents. We negotiate directly with the insurers from the moment that the claim is lodged until the settlement of the claim.

Our insurance management team is manned by a team of vehicle insurance experts with a combined experience of over 50 years

Vehicle Inspections & Audits

Protecting the integrity of your fleet.
Our team of experienced vehicle auditors audit each vehicle in our customers’ fleet on a regular basis to ensure that each vehicle meets customer requirements.

FleetAfrica ensures that all of its clients’ vehicles are inspected on a regular basis in their operational environments. Our fleet auditors and inspectors are responsible for ensuring that clients’ vehicles are in a good operational and mechanical condition. The team uses an internally developed Fleet Inspect system during each audit. This intelligent system produces vehicle condition report in real time to both our technical department and the clients’ fleet managers. The system enables each client to know the status and condition of the vehicles in their fleet at all times.

The team which consist of over 50 fleet auditors/inspectors is spread across South Africa and has the capacity to inspect over 50 000 vehicles per month. The team has a combined vehicle auditing and inspections experience of over 25 years.

This product can be incorporated in the Full Maintenance Lease, Operating Lease and Managed Maintenance products. Clients can also take this product as a stand-alone product.

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