Meet The Team

Bonisile Makubalo

Chief Executive Officer

Thabisile Macoba

Chief Financial Officer

Christo Aucamp

Operations Executive

Lungile Mbelu

Human Resources Executive

Khayalethu Masuku

Business Development & Marketing Executive

Hugo Lambrechts

Commercial Executive

Suleiman Ghanchi

Contracts & Customer Services Executive

Who We Are

About Fleet Africa

A proud Super Group Company.
FleetAfrica is a division of Super Group Africa (Pty) Ltd which is a subsidiary of Super Group Limited, a leading logistics, supply chain and mobility group listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange.

FleetAfrica was founded in 1987 as Super Fleet, and was re-branded to FleetAfrica in 2012.We are the #1 provider of fleet leasing, fleet maintenance and vehicle tracking and monitoring solutions on the African continent. Our customer base is spread across the public and private sector. These include blue chip companies, SOEs, municipalities, national and provincial government departments, etc.

We are a single source, across-the-board, fleet management services provider across different industries in the economy. The company offers a range of flexible vehicle leasing options on every vehicle class and type. These includes passenger vehicles, long haul trucks, emergency vehicles, specialised municipality fleets, security & police vehicles, implements of husbandry, waste management vehicles, civil & water services vehicles, power and electricity vehicles, mining fleets, construction vehicles, etc. FleetAfrica uses unparalleled and extensive experience and management information systems to tailor fit for purpose fleet management solutions for clients across the African continent.

Super Group Limited

FleetAfrica is part of the Super Group family.
Super Group is a leading transport logistics and mobility group providing end-to-end supply chain solutions, fleet managementand dealership services to a diversified global customer base.

Super Group is a broad-based supply chain management business listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange. Super Group’s supply chain division provides a platform for the group’s core expertise and offerings. This expertise is applied into vertically integrated divisions covering vehicle dealerships and fleet management. Founded in 1986, Super Group has an international footprint and offers customers a comprehensive range of products and services.

Super Group is essentially a supply chain mobility company revolving around the optimisation of supply chain processes and vehicle fleets with a strong IT focus and technology underpin. Our business encompasses the planning and management of all activities across the supply chain from the sourcing, procurement, transport, warehousing and distribution of goods and services. This is made possible through coordination and collaboration with our valued channel partners; be they suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service providers or customers. In essence, Super Group integrates supply and demand

What We Do

We Are Fleet Management Experts

Unparalleled fleet management expertise and experience.
FleetAfrica is home to the best fleet management experts in Sub-Saharan Africa continent.

Our long serving management and technical experts have overseen the implementation of the largest and complex fleet management contracts over the past 30 years. We have the capacity to spec, design and manage all kinds of vehicles and fleet management solutions for different environments across the African continent. Our service level implementation teams have a combined fleet leasing and management experience well in excess of two hundred years.

FleetAfrica has managed and leased all types of specialised and non-specialised vehicles. We have managed diverse fleets including emergency, security, mining, FMCG, agriculture, waste, recycling, construction, cash management, long-haul transportation, electricity, alternative energy, water, etc. across the African continent

We have clients right across economic spectrum from metropolitan, local and district municipalities, blue chip listed companies, unlisted companies, SMMEs, international NGOs, national governments, provincial governments, start-up companies, etc

Customer Service Philosophy

Meeting clients requirements is central to our business
FleetAfrica is a customer centric organisation that continually seeks to improve its operations so that it can add value to its customers’ success and bottom-line.

Our commercial and operational structures are designed to support our customers to bring their fleet costs down. We ensure that we bring operational efficiencies in our clients operations in every contract that we manage. We strive to build lasting relationships with every client by building a mutually beneficial and open relationship.

We understand that each of our clients have unique operational challenges that cannot be effectively addressed by off the shelf fleet management solutions. We therefore offer customised fleet management solutions for our each customers’ operations.

We work with each customer to design a solution that will bring efficiencies to their fleet. Each client is allocated a dedicated contract management team which is responsible for protecting and advocating for the interests of our clients internally. The contract management team is responsible for coordinating FleetAfrica’s value chain to ensure that our clients get maximum value for their fleet investment.

World Class Infrastructure

FleetAfrica is supported by world class infrastructure.
We continually invest in state-of-the-art world class fleet management technologies and infrastructure to maintain its position as the number one provider of fleet management solutions on the African continent.

FleetAfrica continually improves its operations by recruiting the best fleet management experts to join its ranks and deploying the best technologies to manage the different clients within its portfolio.

Our cutting edge technologies and management information systems are designed to enable our clients to run their operations with minimal disruptions. FleetAfrica uses industry leading information technology platforms and tools to manage customer operations.

We run a 24 / 7 / 365 days a year operation that is continually available to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements. Our infrastructure is capable of managing and supporting small, medium and large fleets from a single vehicle to thousands of specialised and complex fleets.

Our infrastructure is customisable and can service urban, rural, mining, industrial, manufacturing, logistics, FMCG, agricultural, etc., environments.

Value Driven Business

Our values are central to our business.
We run our business ethically and use our values to influence the different stakeholders in every jurisdiction and sector that we operate in.

FleetAfrica has strong business values that it protects jealously in all its interactions in the marketplace. All our employees conform to the company’s values charter in all their dealings with different stakeholders in our value chain.

We are committed to dealing with our clients virtuously at all times. Our employees are continually reminded of the company’s values and the importance of living these as ambassadors of the FleetAfrica brand. Our values are the most important asset that we possess and are non-negotiable in all our business dealings.

We ensure that we do not compromise our hard won brand reputation and credibility by doing what we promise in all our business engagements. We never go back on our word no matter what the cost to our operations may be. We ensure that we unwaveringly keep every promise that we make to our customers at all times.

Cost Effective And Streamlined Operations

FleetAfrica uses some of the industry leading information technology platforms and tools to manage customer operations.

FleetAfrica is committed to deliver the best possible outsourced fleet management solutions that are customisable for each customer’s unique requirements.

We are committed to partner with our clients in their quest to minimise costs and maximise returns from their operations. We understand the economic and stakeholder pressures that our clients operate in and are committed to become catalysts of their success in meeting and exceeding these. Our fleet management partners continually enjoy a cascading reduction of their fleet related costs and risks.

We afford our customers the space to focus on their core business as we streamline their fleet management budget and operations. Our solutions deliver sustainable long-term savings to our clients’ bottom line

Quality Management

In our quest to become a customer focused and process driven organisation our management took a deliberate step to pursue an ISO 9001:2008 certification.

The ISO 9001:2008 certification has enabled us to streamline our processes and to align these with the requirements of our customers. The adoption of the Quality Management Standard has enabled us to build a customer centric culture. It drives us to continuously evaluate the way that we service our customers. The entrenchment of the system in the organisation led us become more intimate with our customers in the past four years.

The Quality Management System further enabled FleetAfrica to develop clear customer satisfaction measures across the board. It has enabled us to re-engineer our business model and to align it with the requirements of our customers. This prestigious certification is a constant reminder of our commitment to providing a quality service to our clients in a systematic and process driven manner.

Our Vision

We are fleet management pioneers.
FleetAfrica was the first fleet leasing and management company to be established in Sub-Saharan Africa and has been leading the industry for the past thirty years.

Our vision is to become the #1 provider of fleet management solutions on the African continent and we continually develop our operations to achieve this noble goal. We provide world class fleet leasing and management solutions for organisations in both the public and private sectors that face the increasing pressure to cut expenditure and increase service delivery to their stakeholders.

Our strategy is to assist our customers to manage their fleet without compromising their operations and service delivery targets. We have both the financial and operational capacity to bring operational efficiencies and huge cost-savings for our customers.

Our experience and expertise enable us to bring considerable improvements and efficiencies to our customers operations. Our customised solutions allow our customers to focus on their core business as we manage their fleet on their behalf. We take the risk of managing our customers’ fleet and minimise fleet related downtime in their operations.

Our People

Our employees are our best assets.
Our success is driven by the dedication & commitment of every employee throughout the company.

FleetAfricans are the cog that is central to the milestones and successes that we have achieved over the past 30 years. We are a multicultural and multiracial organisation that is fully committed to reflecting the demographics of the different jurisdictions in which we operate.

We are committed to the holistic empowerment and development of each of our employees. We only recruit and retain the best in our industry. As the pioneer of the fleet management industry on the African continent we have produced highly skilled employees who for the industry at large.

It is the loyalty and commitment of every FleetAfrican over the past 30 years that have enabled us to build a strong legacy in the fleet management industry. Every one of us from the behind the curtains staff to those that are in the public’s face work together on a daily basis to produce the excellent results that we have over an extended period.

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